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08 September 2011 @ 10:53 pm

Sometimes things just make too much sense, right? I had free time tonight and knew for sure I wanted to make a wonderful post for the site, but .. what about? Trying to stay calm, but focus up, I brewed myself a nice hot cup of tea. Duh! Tea ♥ Let's ignore the fact that it was actually 90 degrees in Minnesota today and talk about the coziest cool-weather drink: Hot Tea.

Antique Japanese Tea Set from Mark's Mom

I've always loved tea, but it seemed like last winter I became obsessed again. I had a commute to work that was an hour both ways -- I'll admit, I was too lazy to brew coffee before I left in the morning, (I give myself the smallest amount of time to get ready and out the door), so tea was a perfect solution. It was equally as hot, easier on my tummy, and I could microwave a cup, pour it into my travel mug, throw in a tea bag, and scoot! And then I started to buy more and more and more types of tea! I wanted to find my favorite!

Herbal Tea Sampler, Tazo Green Ginger, Tuscan Lemon, Echinacea Complete Care, Sleepytime Extra.

Here's my secret: I guess I don't really care for green tea? I always think I do, but whenever I drink it, I'm bored. So I will go ahead and say that I won't get the Green Ginger again. To be honest, I think I picked it up just for the ginger part. The Echinacea Complete Care lends itself to my minor addiction of ingesting echinacea when I think I'm getting sick? I love to load that up with honey, honey, honey, and throw about 4 bags in one cup. Yum! Sleepytime Extra made me sick, so buyer beware. Also, it's full of stuff that is like catnip times 100, so I wasn't so sleepytime with Chester running laps around the living room. The Herbal Tea sampler is what you'd expect; my favorite was the Honey Vanilla Chamomile.

Hot Cinnamon Spice, Green Tea, Chai Rooibos, Gypsy Cold Care, Mint Medley Herbal Tea, KOMBUCHA

Ok, ignore that Green Tea. I liked the dragon but I had like one of the teas. I have no idea why I bought it. Honestly, I think because of the dragon. The Yogi Chai Rooibos is alright .. I suggest making it with milk, not water! And use two bags, instead. The Gypsy Cold Care is full of echinacea, which is sweet, but it tastes like drinking grass. That's where the honey comes back in! It does have some lemongrass, though, and that helps with the grassiness of it all. The Target brand Mint Medley Herbal was very mild, not strong enough for my mint tastes. Caribou's Hot Cinnamon Spice is probably in my top 5 favorite teas. It's like big red in a cup; it's so strong, that if it's been steeping too long, it burns my mouth. Yum! Like honestly, my favorite. That tin is empty and that is NOT my favorite. Ignore that green thing in the middle, Kombucha is gross no matter what form.

Teavana Golden Monkey and Teavana Cacao Mint Black

Yay, my fancy tea! These are loose teas. The Cacao Mint Black, another top five favorite tea, was very affordable, but I can't say the same for the Golden Monkey. If you have never been shopping at Teavana, it is pretty intimidating. At least at the Mall of America one, there isn't really any way to "browse" the tea; all the tins are behind the counter, and you have to ask the workers for help. It's always busy at the Mall of America, so I never want to ask to smell or look at more than one or two teas and go with the first one they offer. And such was Golden Monkey. It IS really nice, (I think it is the tea served at the White House? IDK.), but it is very mild, and I like my tea a little more .. noticeable? Does that make sense? ANYWAY, the chocolate mint one is like beyond amazing, and you can steep it more than once. I need to buy some more!

NOT PICTURED BECAUSE I NEED TO RESTOCK: some of my more favorite teas! Tazo Focus, Archer Farms Chocolate Berry Earl Grey, and Yogi Refreshing Mint "Revitalize."

My three favorite mugs! From Target, Japan and the Ren Fest!

CUTE! It really is a tea cup! It flips upside, but I've never used it.

Tea Infuser from Teavana. Awesome! Works super fast & tastes delicious.

What are your favorite teas? Do you drink a lot of it? I haven't for a while, but am getting back into the swing of it now that I'm in a chilly office all day long! I just bought some Vanilla Caramel Truffle, Lipton brand, but I'm still on the fence about it. Too sweet, maybe. I like the vanilla parts, not so much the caramel. Do you prefer loose tea? Black or herbal, (my favorites!), or white and green. I want to see your favorite mugs, too! That Hello Kitty one from Japan is pretty sweet - I got it from the Sengakuji temple in the Shinagawa temple, where 47 ronin are buried. The mug has kitty dressed up as each of the 47, which is pretty silly, especially since there was a pretty ugly battle that those ronin participated in. The green mug from the Renaissance is cool, too; the shop that sold it was from another state, but the decal on the front is of a building in my home town! It was meant to be..

Let me know in the comments all your favorite things about tea! Happy drinking. Toodles!

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TWiNKiE CHAN!twinkiechan on September 9th, 2011 05:42 am (UTC)
The only green teas I buy and drink:

both by Republic of Tea (expensive, but yummy!)

Honey Ginseng green tea
and the green tea with toasted rice..."tea of Inquiry"
little dress up dolliepyoko on September 9th, 2011 01:46 pm (UTC)
ohhh, honey ginseng sounds good. toasted rice?! YUM. where do you get republic of tea?
TWiNKiE CHAN!twinkiechan on September 9th, 2011 07:17 pm (UTC)
fancy people grocery stores! but they don't always have the right flavors so I order right online at republicoftea.com ! :)
Elphie: shoebox elvenesse_iconsprincessparadox on September 9th, 2011 06:03 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed this post!

Republic of Tea is one of my favorite brands; I'm not nuts about green tea either, but their Pomegranate Green is really good. I also love their Ginger Peach, Red Velvet Chocolate (rooibos-based, awesome with a little cinnamon and cocoa powder), and Comfort and Joy (keep an eye out for it as the winter holidays approach).

I also love Twinings - if you add milk to their Lady Grey, it tastes like you're drinking Fruity Pebbles, which is very much a good thing. Their Irish Breakfast is a nice strong pick-me-up, and Cherry Cinnamon is a good nighttime tea. Twinings Peppermint with honey is the best medicine in the world.
little dress up dolliepyoko on September 9th, 2011 01:47 pm (UTC)
thanks, darling! OMG red velvet chocolate?! i love tea with cocoa powder in it. it makes it so rich and gives it such a yummy depth. so incredibly cosy.

i've NEVER bought twinings tea, but i always see it and think i should. all of these sound delicious and i think you've inspired me to buy some next payday ;)
пени джейн: pink coffee cuplemonade on September 9th, 2011 07:50 am (UTC)
love this post. you're an excellent blogger *jel*

i am a coffee drinker primarily, but i don't really make it in my flat. i always drink tea in my flat!

being british, if i want caffeinated tea i just have 'tea'. we don't really call it anything else! but of course, tea is black tea (english breakfast i suppose). i have it with 2 sweeteners (tablets or sweet'n'lows stolen from starbucks) and a little bit of skimmed milk.

my favourite thing right now is cherry & cinnamon tea; http://www.twinings.co.uk/discover-our-range/moments-of-calm/cherry-and-cinnamon/

it's pretty amazing. when i'm sick i love lemon/ginger tea with a tsp of honey. idk if it helps or not but it tastes lovely!

i've also got a soft spot for peppermint tea, there's something seriously soothing about it and it's meant to be great for IBS symptoms. green teas don't bother me so much, but they're nice enough. i love trying teas, i guess! i'm just so busy drinking coffee ;;--))

black chai tea is rad too, cause it's like xmassy tea! the one tea i hate, btw, is lapsang souchong. eww!

in the UK we have: http://www.whittard.co.uk/
it has tons of rad teas/coffees/hot chocolates. i need to go there more. and i need to invest in a loose tea infuser thingy. i saw a submarine one once- so cute.

as for mugs! i tend to stick to this one that my friend got me last xmas;

i have loads of mugs. that one keeps the drink really hot- my favourite mugs are disney piglet ones that my mum gives me at xmas. i also have a halloween mug that my mum got me from whittard one year and it had shaped marshmallows in it. idk that was weird cause we dont do halloween gifts usually! but i'm sorta attached to it cause its a funny shape for a mug and bright orange with a pumpkin pattern on it :-)

so yay! xxxxxxxxxx
little dress up dolliepyoko on September 9th, 2011 01:49 pm (UTC)
i'm the same way! i consider myself a coffee drinker, but i'm never home long enough to brew a whole pot, it seems. (and i do prefer espresso) - so a cup of tea is a lot easier!

when i'm sick, i drink lipton's "honey lemon" to make myself feel better, too. i load it with honey and about 3 tea bags haha.

that's such a cute mug <3 the other ones sounds great, as well.

i want to come visit you & go to that store!!
пени джейн: coffee cloudslemonade on September 9th, 2011 09:33 pm (UTC)
exactly- i like espresso based drinks :)

aww come visit and we SHALL!!xxx
schitzometric: lil'guyschitzometric on September 19th, 2011 04:34 am (UTC)
i drink a TON of tea! my favorite's right now is an apple cinnamon apple spice tea, it's warm and autumn-ey. i have this really lovely local buckwheat honey, it's dark and not overly sweet, perfect with the tea.

nothing like a nice mug of tea, a good book and a soft cozy hoodie to spend a chilly night :O)