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little dress up dollie
26 June 2012 @ 11:03 pm
my poor neglected lj. social media.................................... :(
little dress up dollie
02 February 2012 @ 09:42 pm
Ugh! LJ tried to delete my journal!!
little dress up dollie
08 November 2011 @ 08:19 pm
Hello! I liked my outfit today and it was very comfortable and cute, so here it is. Special guest star included. I call this mori-lite, because, well .. it isn't full out mori girl, but thanks to the dress (and it's brand!), it is sort of hinting at it. Mori-inspired!

COOKIE: Twinkie Chan
DRESSIE: Wonder Rocket (from my trip to Japan in 2009!)
SHOES: (not pictured) beige flats with a bow from Charlotte Russe

I loved buying that dress. It was my sister's 18th birthday and we were spending the day in Harajuku. The Wonder Rocket shop was one of the first stores that I stopped in, and I actually tried on a few dresses. I had my eye on this one because I loved how the bottom looked - the underneath is all held up by little ribbon ties! It is so comfortable, and you can't see it, but the straps are brown leather. It was only about 3000Y, which at that time was just a little under $30. I have never worn my cardigan like that, just the top button, but I saw it in one of Twinkie's Etsy listings for the cookie pin and I thought I'd give it a try. I liked it! I didn't even fidget with it all day, and I am a very fidgety person.

My picture of Takeshita-Dori the day I was in Harajuku!

See the post here on Me! MaDonna!
little dress up dollie
10 October 2011 @ 10:32 pm

I love stripes. The secret's out, even though I'm not sure how secret that really was. I was looking around on Polyvore for various striped goodies & came across some cute (expensive) throws that totally had me drooling. Their name, Circus Stripe, inspired me to make a big top-themed outfit. No, I've never been to a circus (I think I'm more afraid of clowns than I love stripes), but the design aesthetic definitely appeals; pretty stripes, vintage fonts, rich colors, and, of course, elephants!

Umm, ignore that the boots don't make sense with the theme. Sue me!

1. San-X Sentimental Circus Pen Pouch I'm really into this print right now, to be honest with you. Search for it on Strapya, it kills me, clearly.

2. Circus Stripe Throws Sorry that they're like $800, but I want them in all four color combinations. Also, I thought they were scarves at first and I kind of wish they were.

3. Basic Opaque Tights in Forest Green

4.  3/4 Sleeve Jersey Dress in Rust Red Looks so comfy from H&M. I like that the red of the dress and green of the tights don't necessarily look like Christmas.

5. Floral 8 Eyelet Doc Martens Because, obviously, I'd like more flowery boots.

6. Elephant necklaces! The big gold one is from Fantasy Jewelry Box (sounds fun) and the other is by Betsey Johnson and comes in a really sweet pink one, too. 

7. Forever21 nail polish in Rose Gold and Purple Cosmos. Perfect for alternating every other finger, or if you are better at nail painting than I am, actual stripes. Oooh, or a cute french manicure - rose with purple tips.

8. Cosy, Black & Grey Sweater The description says olive and black? Whatever. I think this would look very nice over a pretty dressie like the red one here.

9. Shappo the Ring Master Plush From San-X's Sentimental Circus, again. Why is this $60?! Oh, because it's almost 16" tall.

Another thing I love about the Circus? This Aqua song!


Other things that are lovely from the circus: lions ♥ popcorn ♥ calliopes ♥ ringmaster topcoats ♥ whips! ♥ tightrope walkers ♥ glitter and sequins ♥ I don't know, I've never been to one! ♥ elephants again!

What about you? What has been inspiring your outfits and window shopping lately? Have you been to the circus? Is it as scary as I imagine? I'm so fascinated, and I'd love to go, but clowns ... I like everything else, though, and I liked the part in Big Fish when they were at the circus! Let me know all your thoughts on the big top!

from Me! MaDonna!
little dress up dollie
18 September 2011 @ 11:29 am
Hello! I'm so excited to be cozied up on my couch this morning. It's a perfect morning in my opinion - gloomy and rainy. I've brewed some tea, warmed up some soup, lit a candle, and am ready to relax all day. There will be football and food, crafts and kitties, but I can handle that, right?

I wanted to bust out a quick outfit post, since I don't think I've done that yet, have I? At least not for a while... What I really want for my birthday (exactly a month from today!) is a tripod and remote picture taker for my camera. I have no idea what to look for, though, so if anyone has any recommendations or advice for me, I'd love it!

MaDonna Dress Up
Here I am in the Betsey Johnson dressing room in the Mall of America.

Ok, SORRY, but that's the only picture I have. This is why I want a tripod and remote. Here's the embarassing part: the dress, cardigan, tights, socks, and scarf are all .. from ... TARGET. Do I have a problem? Maybe. Either way, I love mixing greys and blacks and I love to go to Target. My lovely boots are Doc Martens, a Christmas present last year from my mom and dad.

Flower Doc Marten Boots
A picture from another day! Aren't they cute?

My Target dress is a cute and comfy black empire waist dress. It's pretty short, so that's where the leggings come into play, and it has 3/4s length sleeves and little white polka dots. It still might be in stores! The cardigan and scarf are from a while ago, but I wear them a lot still. I just picked up the grey tights and charcoal knee-highs for $5 and $2.50 respectively. I love that it's getting colder, because I love layering hosiery. Warm! (I also cannot stop mixing patterns. Whoops!)

Juicy Couture Jewelry
Juicy Couture phone booth charm | Favorite strawberry charm from Markie

Final opinion? It was comfy, but still cute! I wish the cardigan was a bit longer, so the bottom was the same length as my dress, but that's not too big of a deal. It was chilly in MN yesterday, but this was warm enough all together. Perfect for a lovely date with Markie. ♥

So, what have you been wearing lately? What do you think will be your big fall and winter favorites? I have my eyes on some items around the internet, but I really want vests over thick, knitted cardigans and sweaters, as well as tights tights tights! Let me know in the comments!

from MeMaDonna.com <3
little dress up dollie
08 September 2011 @ 10:53 pm

Sometimes things just make too much sense, right? I had free time tonight and knew for sure I wanted to make a wonderful post for the site, but .. what about? Trying to stay calm, but focus up, I brewed myself a nice hot cup of tea. Duh! Tea ♥ Let's ignore the fact that it was actually 90 degrees in Minnesota today and talk about the coziest cool-weather drink: Hot Tea.

Antique Japanese Tea Set from Mark's Mom

I've always loved tea, but it seemed like last winter I became obsessed again. I had a commute to work that was an hour both ways -- I'll admit, I was too lazy to brew coffee before I left in the morning, (I give myself the smallest amount of time to get ready and out the door), so tea was a perfect solution. It was equally as hot, easier on my tummy, and I could microwave a cup, pour it into my travel mug, throw in a tea bag, and scoot! And then I started to buy more and more and more types of tea! I wanted to find my favorite!

Herbal Tea Sampler, Tazo Green Ginger, Tuscan Lemon, Echinacea Complete Care, Sleepytime Extra.

Here's my secret: I guess I don't really care for green tea? I always think I do, but whenever I drink it, I'm bored. So I will go ahead and say that I won't get the Green Ginger again. To be honest, I think I picked it up just for the ginger part. The Echinacea Complete Care lends itself to my minor addiction of ingesting echinacea when I think I'm getting sick? I love to load that up with honey, honey, honey, and throw about 4 bags in one cup. Yum! Sleepytime Extra made me sick, so buyer beware. Also, it's full of stuff that is like catnip times 100, so I wasn't so sleepytime with Chester running laps around the living room. The Herbal Tea sampler is what you'd expect; my favorite was the Honey Vanilla Chamomile.

Hot Cinnamon Spice, Green Tea, Chai Rooibos, Gypsy Cold Care, Mint Medley Herbal Tea, KOMBUCHA

Ok, ignore that Green Tea. I liked the dragon but I had like one of the teas. I have no idea why I bought it. Honestly, I think because of the dragon. The Yogi Chai Rooibos is alright .. I suggest making it with milk, not water! And use two bags, instead. The Gypsy Cold Care is full of echinacea, which is sweet, but it tastes like drinking grass. That's where the honey comes back in! It does have some lemongrass, though, and that helps with the grassiness of it all. The Target brand Mint Medley Herbal was very mild, not strong enough for my mint tastes. Caribou's Hot Cinnamon Spice is probably in my top 5 favorite teas. It's like big red in a cup; it's so strong, that if it's been steeping too long, it burns my mouth. Yum! Like honestly, my favorite. That tin is empty and that is NOT my favorite. Ignore that green thing in the middle, Kombucha is gross no matter what form.

Teavana Golden Monkey and Teavana Cacao Mint Black

Yay, my fancy tea! These are loose teas. The Cacao Mint Black, another top five favorite tea, was very affordable, but I can't say the same for the Golden Monkey. If you have never been shopping at Teavana, it is pretty intimidating. At least at the Mall of America one, there isn't really any way to "browse" the tea; all the tins are behind the counter, and you have to ask the workers for help. It's always busy at the Mall of America, so I never want to ask to smell or look at more than one or two teas and go with the first one they offer. And such was Golden Monkey. It IS really nice, (I think it is the tea served at the White House? IDK.), but it is very mild, and I like my tea a little more .. noticeable? Does that make sense? ANYWAY, the chocolate mint one is like beyond amazing, and you can steep it more than once. I need to buy some more!

NOT PICTURED BECAUSE I NEED TO RESTOCK: some of my more favorite teas! Tazo Focus, Archer Farms Chocolate Berry Earl Grey, and Yogi Refreshing Mint "Revitalize."

My three favorite mugs! From Target, Japan and the Ren Fest!

CUTE! It really is a tea cup! It flips upside, but I've never used it.

Tea Infuser from Teavana. Awesome! Works super fast & tastes delicious.

What are your favorite teas? Do you drink a lot of it? I haven't for a while, but am getting back into the swing of it now that I'm in a chilly office all day long! I just bought some Vanilla Caramel Truffle, Lipton brand, but I'm still on the fence about it. Too sweet, maybe. I like the vanilla parts, not so much the caramel. Do you prefer loose tea? Black or herbal, (my favorites!), or white and green. I want to see your favorite mugs, too! That Hello Kitty one from Japan is pretty sweet - I got it from the Sengakuji temple in the Shinagawa temple, where 47 ronin are buried. The mug has kitty dressed up as each of the 47, which is pretty silly, especially since there was a pretty ugly battle that those ronin participated in. The green mug from the Renaissance is cool, too; the shop that sold it was from another state, but the decal on the front is of a building in my home town! It was meant to be..

Let me know in the comments all your favorite things about tea! Happy drinking. Toodles!

from MeMaDonna.com
little dress up dollie
20 August 2011 @ 12:08 pm
Who here is on Instagram? I want to follow you! (If I haven't already!) I'm maddysaurus, of course!

Here are some of my very favorites to follow: lilypads, nomu_536, ruststardust, discodani, drewnicorn, johnlennon, tokyofashion, looooo3, katokarl, kyotoguy, lauren_wk, melificent, motospage, hello_nacho, ramblekatramble, messwithtess, twinkiechan, and yfp. But I love all the people I follow, so you can go on my profile and look through my following list. :)

Comment with your instagram name <3
little dress up dollie
07 August 2011 @ 02:25 pm
Pink Hair

I did it again! The last time I had dyed my hair was New Year's Eve and it has been blonde for months now. My best friend, Channa, was willing to dye it for me (two whole bottles! my hair is so long right now), so I took full advantage of that! We were on break at work when we did it, so I could just run down to my friend working at Mia & Maxx salon to rinse it out for me. I'm so happy with it. Also, appropriate - yesterday was Miss Twinkie Chan's birthday, so that makes so much sense.

I used RAW's Fushia Fatale! I'm wearing a Tripp dress, my favorite charm necklace (with a strawberry, pentacle, 5 yen piece and Ichigo-Rilakkuma), tons of bangles just handed down to me and pink sweetheart earrings from I'm Your Present. I wish I had a better camera, because my eye makeup was awesome last night! I used powder eyeshadow from Pure Luxe and Sugarpill.

Girls night = Frosting Flavored Vodka ♥

Channa and I had girl's night last night and it was so much fun, but I'm not feeling much fun today because of it. Markie is still out of town on his boy's weekend, so I'm home alone for a little while longer. I'm laying on the couch, eating some spaghetti, and watching a marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras. Sunday funday, for sure! Toodles ♥

at Me! MaDonna!
little dress up dollie
19 July 2011 @ 12:05 am
i finally have FOUR posts on my blog! i am very proud of me! http://me-madonna.blogspot.com/ have you seen? i did buy a domain, but it hasn't become active yet. google/blogger did said it'd take three days and i bought it saturday am .. :/ i hope it works soon. thelittlespoon, is that where you bought your domain for your blog? how long did you wait? anyway, here is a post i made about yummy yesterday!


Sunday was lovely and lazy. I went to a big slumber party with all the girls in my belly dance troupe the night before and I woke up on the floor in a big pile of sleeping bags and pillows and sleeping girls. My hips definitely hurt, (no air mattress), but it was worth it. It felt like the morning after a big birthday party in middle school. We stayed up all night watching scary movies, playing board games, telling secrets and eating chips and treats and junk food. It was kind of like therapy, but way more fun. Also, wine.

Afterward, my best friend, Channa, and I went to eat cake! There are two things that make this even more awesome than it already is: 1. It was an audition cake for her wedding! (I am her Maid of Honor!) and 2. The cake-maker is my boyfriend Mark's sister! She is an amazing cook, like honestly the best food I've EVER eaten, homemade or restaurant. She made Channa a miniature red velvet cake with a butter cream frosting and it was amazing. She also had little hors d'ouevres of scrambled eggs and bacon with truffle butter on toast, as well as the most delicious gorgonzola cheese from the Co-op close by, as well as chorizo and black olive tapenade. Can't forget the champagne! I would've taken pictures, but I was too busy eating.

All that delicious food inspired me and after I got home for a little post-sleepover/post-champagne nappie, I drove back to town to buy some groceries. I tried my hand at Pasta Puttanesca!

Chopped black olives, diced tomatoes, fettuccine noodles, capers, tomato paste, garlic, anchovy filets and red pepper flakes.

I had found a few recipes online to act as a guide, but a lot of them called for less noodles than I wanted to make, so I had to add more for the sauce! Also, many of the recipes included shrimp or chicken, and while that did sound delicious, I wasn't feeling THAT ambitious. I ended up improvising most of the amounts: I know I wanted a lot of olives, so I more than doubled that, but I also wanted a more oily sauce, so I held back on the tomato paste. And .. it turned out delicious! There are some things I would change for next time, though. One would be to actually include a protein, like shrimp or chicken. The other would be to hold back on the red pepper flakes. So incredibly spicy! I usually don't mind that, but with it so hot outside (it was over 100 degrees on Sunday), I didn't necessarily want my meal to be so spicy! It was good, though. I got home from work tonight and saw that Mark had eaten all the leftovers, so it sounds like he liked it, too! I have tomorrow evening off, so maybe I'll make it again with my changes.

The recipe that I mainly followed was from AllRepices.com and you can find it here!

Current Music: addams family 2!
little dress up dollie
16 July 2011 @ 11:18 am
Well, I did it! I started a dang blogspot blog, haha. I need to figure out how to customize it way better, but I don't have time today!


Check it out! Follow me! Do you have a blog that I can follow? What's going on?!