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10 October 2011 @ 10:32 pm
Goodbye to the Circus  

I love stripes. The secret's out, even though I'm not sure how secret that really was. I was looking around on Polyvore for various striped goodies & came across some cute (expensive) throws that totally had me drooling. Their name, Circus Stripe, inspired me to make a big top-themed outfit. No, I've never been to a circus (I think I'm more afraid of clowns than I love stripes), but the design aesthetic definitely appeals; pretty stripes, vintage fonts, rich colors, and, of course, elephants!

Umm, ignore that the boots don't make sense with the theme. Sue me!

1. San-X Sentimental Circus Pen Pouch I'm really into this print right now, to be honest with you. Search for it on Strapya, it kills me, clearly.

2. Circus Stripe Throws Sorry that they're like $800, but I want them in all four color combinations. Also, I thought they were scarves at first and I kind of wish they were.

3. Basic Opaque Tights in Forest Green

4.  3/4 Sleeve Jersey Dress in Rust Red Looks so comfy from H&M. I like that the red of the dress and green of the tights don't necessarily look like Christmas.

5. Floral 8 Eyelet Doc Martens Because, obviously, I'd like more flowery boots.

6. Elephant necklaces! The big gold one is from Fantasy Jewelry Box (sounds fun) and the other is by Betsey Johnson and comes in a really sweet pink one, too. 

7. Forever21 nail polish in Rose Gold and Purple Cosmos. Perfect for alternating every other finger, or if you are better at nail painting than I am, actual stripes. Oooh, or a cute french manicure - rose with purple tips.

8. Cosy, Black & Grey Sweater The description says olive and black? Whatever. I think this would look very nice over a pretty dressie like the red one here.

9. Shappo the Ring Master Plush From San-X's Sentimental Circus, again. Why is this $60?! Oh, because it's almost 16" tall.

Another thing I love about the Circus? This Aqua song!


Other things that are lovely from the circus: lions ♥ popcorn ♥ calliopes ♥ ringmaster topcoats ♥ whips! ♥ tightrope walkers ♥ glitter and sequins ♥ I don't know, I've never been to one! ♥ elephants again!

What about you? What has been inspiring your outfits and window shopping lately? Have you been to the circus? Is it as scary as I imagine? I'm so fascinated, and I'd love to go, but clowns ... I like everything else, though, and I liked the part in Big Fish when they were at the circus! Let me know all your thoughts on the big top!

from Me! MaDonna!