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little dress up dollie
15 July 2011 @ 10:50 pm
OH! Livejournal. Remember how I posted for a little while again? I've been so antsy to write - all I do at work is read blogs and websites and it makes me so jealous that people can do that! What do I need to do to start ~a blog~ .. Am I interesting enough? The problem is, since I do look at the internet all day, when I get home I sort of feel like a blob! Also, I can't believe that I'm in marketing. The job is pretty interesting, but it is a day-by-day thing for me still. Sometimes I really love it and sometimes, I can't handle it. Yesterday I got to look at makeup youtube tutorials all day and contact the girls, so that was REALLY fun! But then sometimes I have to enter our sites into directories for hours at a time. I suppose that's any job, though - fun stuff mixed with really boring stuff. I did ask my manager if I could dye my hair pink and he said "Heck yes!" So .. totally gonna pull that out soon.

Last night we had a huge belly dance show! It was our annual summer park performance and it was a success. There were a lot of factors going against us (huge thunderstorm in the AM, with chances of more during our show), but it turned out great. Afterwards, my friend Corey drove me back to our friend's apartment on his new bike! We tailgated some box wine in the parking lot like champs and I got this picture. Summers in MN ♥ After that, things got silly with more wine and karaoke. Too bad I had to work in the morning!

I really love having weekends off with this new job. Like .. really love. We have a day long dance party tomorrow + sleepover, so I'm excited for an awesome time with the girls. One of the most exciting parts of our performance last night was .. the apprentice graduation! I started last May as an apprentice and we were finally promoted to full RakStars. No more weekly dues, haha. Its something Im very proud of.

Love you all! ♥
little dress up dollie
26 April 2011 @ 12:58 am

OH!!! ♥

check out this dragon, named shiva chava

dance is funny & i love it!

look at all our dragon tails! (they come unhooked during the dance and we turn into a dragon, human centipede style).
little dress up dollie
14 April 2011 @ 12:17 am
njnk Meow Meow. Do you like my hair? I didn't know how to do anything cute and then fawning was so encouraging & it came out like this! Yeeee. I beat Pokemon yesterday and now I've started the endgame stuff. How are you guys doing on it? (Those of you who are playing.) This is my favorite tea right now - Tazo "Focus" .. it has orange peel and cocoa leaves in it. YUM. Like a Christmas chocolate orange. Markie got to go to the Twins game today, but I had birthday supper with my mom FOR my mom, so that was ok that I missed the game! I missed him, though, and he is upstairs nini and sunburnt, so I better go cuddle. I'm super sore and worn out from dance tonight, so I'm sure I won't be up for too long. Love you all! ♥
little dress up dollie
03 April 2011 @ 04:42 pm

i haven't posted forever! my world has been taken over by pokemon, dance & my new ipod touch! i love this thing! i wish it was an iphone :x WIIINK. what apps do you use? what what what! i want to knooww! :3 i read you guys still daily, love you lots
little dress up dollie
08 March 2011 @ 01:01 am

look how blonde my hair is getting! :( i guess that's pretty good, since i dyed it NYE! last year ;)

let's see here! .. top left: my new tea cup! i've been sooo into tea lately! i bought about a million boxes of target brand, yogi, celestial seasonings, etc.. the other day, a glass container for them, since i don't want all those boxes around, and that easter mug! how cuute~ i went to teavana at the mall of america saturday &bought a tea infuser! sooo nice! i bought that with 2oz of their cacao mint black tea. it is so delicious! it smells like thin mints :9 i've also been drinking the shit out of this gypsy cold care tea and i think it really helped my cold! thursday was kind of like the "oh shit, i'm going to get sick day." friday was terrible. saturday we went to the mall of america ha ha, but i survived. sunday was almost recovery & then today i just had a few weak moments, but for the most part, i think it is gone! :o

top right & bottom left: pokemon!!!! like i said, we went to the mall of america on saturday, since black & white was having a mall tour. not so awesome, but i did buy that zekrom plush for $20, a little oshawott figure for $4 and got a free phone charm for collecting five stamps around the MOA. so busy! not great for someone who was still 70% sick, but i did it! screwed around the suburbs for a while, hoping to find somewhere that put the game out early, but no dice. ended up driving to waseca after we got home (20 mins away from my house) to pick the game up by midnight! i just couldn't wait. since then, i've already logged over 14 hours :( my oshwott is now a dewott & he's sitting pretty at lvl 28. i just want deerling!!! i want to try to trade, but something is screwy with my wifi. i tried to get a lvl 1 snivy off of pokewifi, but it wasn't working & now i am nervous to waste someone's time and not have it go through again. my wifi is connected! the green bars are all showing up and i DID battle against some random in the global link place. anyway, someone help a sista out and comment~ i love this game.

(PS in case any of you aren't my friend on facebook [which, DUH, be my friend on facebook: i'm MaDonna Flowers], my friend code is 1549 4479 9338. tell me yours.)

bottom right: i made a scarf/shawl!! with a whole skein of caron simply soft, which i thought i hated. i love this scarf .. i wish i made it a liiiittle bigger, but i didn't want to go buy another skein and didn't want the red strip to be toooo craycray. i got the pattern off of ravelry and it was kind of confusing to start, but the pattern was easy to memorize once i got the hang of it. it was my first time using a chart! wow! i want to make more, but .. pokemon took over :3

i hope you are all doing well! it sucked that i was sick, especially since it was a 3 day weekend that i was looking forward to, BUT - it was good that it was a 3 day weekend, so i didn't' have to use sick time. i got work all switched this week, since there is supposed to be another blizzard on wednesday, so now i have the day off already! BUT, i gotta work at 9 tomorrow, which means i have to wake up in six hours, sooooo i'm gonna go. love you all ♥
little dress up dollie
02 March 2011 @ 12:12 am

i want it poofier poofier poofier!!! my cheap ass dressie from HT, thanks clearance sale ♥ & do you love my twinkiechan corsage? ehhh i'm so tired, i need a day off :( day 5 of 7, i can do it!!
little dress up dollie
23 February 2011 @ 10:47 am

with my new heart hair clip from twinkiechan - she treats me so nice :3

oh just have been snowed in for the past two days. so annoyed with my cat, which is what i assume cabin fever is. chester has so much anxiety lately and it is driving me nuts. all he does is chew on my shit, cry, run in front of me, constantly bites on my notebooks, beats up the other cat, headbutts my computer while i'm on it, dig in bags, knocks over shit AHHH. how do you calm a cat down?! i do not have that much time to relax and just be at home and sit and he just cannot handle it. chester, do you need a therapist?! i just texted mark he might come home to one cat. chester loves to wake me up at like six am by crying in my face and headbutting my forehead and will not give it a rest. it goes from loud yowl cries to really short quiet "mews" spaced out like a minute each. he hates me sleeping hahaha.

ANYWAY. sorry about cat rant. i think he can tell because he just started beating up sonny for no reason.

look at this pokemon shit i made!:

i've already had the 16 yr old at work offer to buy those mitts, hahaha. what a market!
little dress up dollie
15 February 2011 @ 11:58 pm
ALSO, obviously every already knows this, but .. TWINKIE IS THE BEST! She made the cutest stuff for Valentine's, but I was at work when she posted it and it was all sold! So if you follow that link, she made me a home shopping video with all the stuff she had at her last show ♥ I picked up one of the corsages and the pink fingerless gloves. I love you, twinkiechan! Everyone go buy her book and scarves everything! And look at Bibi's little butt walk past! (Also look at her bracelets -- little heart friendship bracelets, look familiar? its cuz we're in love.)
little dress up dollie
07 February 2011 @ 10:37 am
Helllooooooo~ Uncle Leo!!! Sorry I have not posted for a while - stressy stressy stress times have led me to twitter et al, where 140 characters is way more managable than entire LJ entry! Just lots of work, but fun times, too! Dance sleepover & we actually danced Saturday night & then went out for silly times. I had to stay in a hotel again because of the weather, um - got my first speeding ticket :x - and just froze. I didn't wear a coat yesterday, it was like 30? I don't know, but I'm getting so tired of this weather.

BUT - in fun news! I've been inspired to get a BLENDER, thanks to a lot of you on my list doing cleanses or just generally eating more healthy. My first smoothie (after the blade fell out of the container for my first one and my counter got to drink the entire smoothie) is frozen raspberries, mixed fruit yogurt, skim milk & SPINACH! It is delicious!!

And a cute purple tumbler! ♥

Do you drink smoothies? Do you make milkshakes?! I want to make mine a little greener, maybe get some flax or wheat germ so it can be a little more supplement-y, etc. Tell me your concoctions! I want to learn! Do you have websites you go to? Love you!
little dress up dollie
25 January 2011 @ 12:05 pm